catcheyeDirect mail marketing is only successful if you’re able to catch the eyes of your customers, but doing so is difficult when you are competing with distractions and other companies. With such a small amount of space it can be difficult to determine what is a must in regards to the information on your direct mail marketing envelope or post card. At Worcester Envelope Company, we have created envelopes and postcards for many successful marketing campaigns, here are the crucial pieces that you need to include.


Every acronym comes with a lesson, and they’re usually one worth remembering. The same goes with AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Remembering that these are the steps that will be taken once your marketing campaign is in place helps you determine the steps that your customers will go through. Think through these steps as you lay out your marketing campaign so you can determine which method is most likely to create a conversion.

Engaging Images

Our world is busy; between the images, sounds and movements, it’s difficult to catch eyes when we’ve trained our minds to take it in without creating a reaction. In order to ensure that you can stand out enough to catch the eye of your customer. Using images that are engaging means incorporating unique points of views, subjects or effects. Take time to break down the exact image that you want to use for your direct mail marketing campaign.

A Balanced Header

Having a header is a must, but it is one of the components of your campaign that needs to be thought through thoroughly. With the header, you want to make an effort to draw in your customers, but you don’t want to give away too much information. Create a header that doesn’t give everything away or makes it less intriguing or likely for your customer to complete the action you’re asking. Get the basics out, and leave them with the desire to act.

Ensuring that your customers want to act on the information that you’re providing is difficult, but understanding which tactics will work best on your custom printed envelopes will help increase the chances of you catching their eye. Visit our blog regularly and discover new tips to incorporate with your direct mail marketing.