Z1DsQ-26-MailFor small businesses on a budget, hiring a designer to design a logo may seem like a luxury, but having a properly designed logo can set you apart and make or break your custom printed envelopes and mailers. Here are a few reasons why design and a professional logo are important.

Unique Company, Unique Design

Though a stock design is a quick and easy marketing tactic, hiring a designer can help your custom printed envelopes, marketing materials, and your overall business stand out. An unusual or attention grabbing logo can set your company apart and will cause your envelopes to stand out from all the other tons of unsolicited mail that most of us receive on a daily basis.

Design for CMYK Printing

Designers also help insure that your logo and marketing materials will print well; a quality design won’t matter if your printed materials are pixelated and blurry. For an optimal image, printers need an image to be converted to a CMYK black color system, the standard color system for printing.

Think Through the Entire Design

Not only do you need a unique logo that represents who your company is and your image converted to the proper printing format, but you also need the right style and type of paper for your custom printed envelopes and your logo. Heavier paper has a tactile and visual appeal, and can withstand abuse in the mail. A lighter paper for your printed custom envelope can be beneficial to avoid high mailing costs and may be better for packets of materials.

Make a Lasting Impression

First impressions can make a huge impact and can be the difference between gaining a customer or falling into the recycle pile. For more information on our custom printed envelopes and the printing process, talk to one of our printing professionals and get a quote today!

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