“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” -Paul Klee

In a world saturated with digital marketing, it’s easy for individual organizations to get lost in the sea of color. With many ways to capture consumer attention and many senses to stimulate, it can be difficult to identify which methods are most effective in convincing your clients to buy your produces or use your services. Worcester Envelope Company is here to help simplify the process and send you on your way to creating envelopes that entice

One of the fastest ways to evoke engagement is by the competent use of color. Anyone in behavioral psychology and the marketing realm can attest to the importance of color in marketing strategy. Color triggers the senses and these reactions can be manipulated into profitability. Below, is a brief overview of the top eight colors used in marketing strategies and their corresponding sensory triggers:

  • Red- power, need
  • Green- productivity, growthdreamstime_8193725
  • Blue- calm, security 
  • Orange- energy, impulse
  • Black- control, elegance
  • Yellow- energy, warning
  • White- spaciousness, simplicity
  • Purple- luxury, imagination

These colors prompt reactions formed from both innate instinct and memory association. This broad concept naturally gives vague results with varying degrees of responses. Nonetheless, the above eight color associations are generalizations formed from commonality. Since your direct mail marketing campaign
s specifically target as many people as possible, it’s appropriate to form generalizations about your own color choices. However, when considering colors for your envelope designs, or any of your marketing ideas, recall the rules of design theory. It is important to note that a little color goes a long way and that too many colors can overwhelm. Typically speaking, three colors produces a strong, balanced design palette.

Review these design basics:

  • 60 percent – dominant color
  • 30 percent – secondary color
  • 10 percent – accent color. (If you’d like to introduce a fourth color, split the secondary or dominant colors, but not the accent.)

Ultimately, the goal with your envelope designs is to evoke positive engagement and not to overstimulate the senses. The appropriate message, tone, and optimization will lure positive engagement and bring money to your business. At Worcester Envelope Company, we understand the impact of color and aspire to earn positive interactions with your expertly created envelope designs. We know how to hone in on the optimal color palette to ensure that your envelopes aren’t ignored or thrown out. Call us today to begin your envelope artistry today!