There are many ways to capture consumer attention with many senses to stimulate. It can be difficult to identify which methods are most effective in convincing your clients to buy your products or use your services. Our team at Worcester Envelope chooses to entice clients through the body’s largest organism- skin. In a world saturated with digital marketing, physical advertising can leave the impression that a screen just can’t.

Touch your clients with a customized envelope intended to excite their senses. We offer a range of high-quality textures to help your business build your unique interface. Create a connection that lasts out of our specialty selection:

  • Cotton Envelopes– Wrap your clients in a soft design just like their favorite sweater. Gentle and light, usdreamstime_xxl_40543402ed best for invitations and thank yous.
  • Felt Envelopes– A traditionally made classic with a thick, soft texture. Offered in both matte and pearlescent finishes.
  • Vellum Envelopes– Envelopes with a beautiful translucency for a more subtle look. Safe to mail and offered in many colors.
  • White Wove Envelopes– Durable classic white look and perfect for simple bulk mailing.
  • Kraft Envelopes– Also called “grocery bag envelopes” offers a durable and natural look. Can be used for rustic or eco-chic design.
  • Linen Envelopes– Add elegance to your envelopes with a subtle fabric texture. Use to add a classic touch to your events.
  • Matte Envelopes– Offered in a plethora of colors and matching cardstocks for complete customization. Easily used for any occasion.
  • Metallic Envelopes– Let your designs shine with glimmering flair. Offered in pearlescent and embossed in a spectrum of colors and sizes.
  • Wood Grain Envelopes– Show off a humble design in natural deep browns. Use for a neutral palette or outdoorsy feel.

Employ your message using our array of paper textures that are guaranteed to enhance your envelope designs. With the complexities of today’s marketing processes, systems, and rules, it can be overwhelming to comprehend and utilize. Let us help unfold the intricacies of the industry and get you on your way to creating your unique envelopes for your direct mail marketing today!