Should you send thank-you notes for the gifts you got for the holidays?

Writing thank you notes is wonderful way to express your gratitude, and that is especially true if you take the time to actually write out your thank you notes by hand. Last month, we dedicated an entire blog to writing thank you notes, which included why thank you notes are important, when to send them and why it’s necessary to write them by hand. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, check it out! Although most people know to send a thank you note after receiving a wedding gift or a job interview, many people are torn as to whether they need to send thank you notes after the holidays. When it comes to holiday thank you notes, there are basically two schools of thought: for and against.


The argument for writing holiday thank you notes:

When you write a thank you note for the gift, you are telling the person who gave you the gift that it really meant something to you. The holidays are a time of giving, and chances are, whoever gave you the gift in question has probably given many other people gifts as well, never knowing how they actually feel about the gifts or if they are being used. No one gives a gift in the hopes that receiver will let it sit in storage for a year and forget about it. Writing a letter helps to emphasize just how thankful you are for the gift, as well as how you plan to use it or have already used it, which can be incredibly meaningful for the person receiving the thank you letter.

The argument against writing holiday thank you notes:

Traditionally, if someone has given you a gift for the holidays, you have probably given them a gift in return. The holiday season isn’t like a birthday or a wedding, when gift giving goes just one way. If etiquette were to dictate that everyone would write a thank you note after the holidays, there would be a whole lot of back and forth. Plus, you’ve probably already thanked the people who have given you gifts, whether you’ve done it over the phone, through text or through a post on social media.

Here at Worcester Envelope Company, we don’t think that there is ever a bad time to send a thank you note, even if it’s after Christmas or Hanukkah. While writing holiday thank you notes may not exactly be in Miss Manners’ book of etiquette, it is a small gesture that can make a big difference in someone’s life. That’s not to say that you have to write a holiday thank you note to every single person who got you a gift. In fact, the thank you letters don’t necessarily have to be the result of a physical gift at all!

Who should you send holiday thank you letters to?

  1. People who have impacted your life in a positive way – When you look back on the past year, take a few minutes to think about the people who helped you get through the toughest moments. Regardless of whether they got you a gift for the holidays or not, that person has made a positive impact on your life, and thanking them in the form of a letter will help you to express just how meaningful their support is in your life is to you.
  2. Someone who gave you a gift that you haven’t thanked them for yet – Not all gifts are given face to face, especially if you have friends or family members out of town. If you haven’t had the chance to call them or text them your thanks yet, why not send a letter? It’s never too late to express your gratitude, and it will be so meaningful for them to receive your thanks in a handwritten letter.
  3. People who make your job easier – No matter what you do for work, there are ups and downs in every job. At times, every job can be stressful, but there are always those around you who help to ease the stress and make your job just a little more bearable. Even if you aren’t close enough with your coworkers to exchange physical gifts, you can still express your thanks for all that they do in the form of a letter.

Are you ready to start sending holiday thank you letters this year? If so, shop with us at Worcester Envelope Company to get the custom printed envelopes you need to make your letters really stand out!