The footprint that we leave on our world continues to grow. We’ve polluted the air with our vehicles, dumped trash in the water, cut down trees for paper products and we haven’t stopped yet. While there have been many attempts to slow down, if not shut down, the ways that we go about using Earth’s products, very few have consistently stuck.

One of the movements that has stuck around for a while now is recycling. In fact, this movement has not only continued but it has grown. Starting from a process that recycled items like printer paper and plastic bottles, we have come to a point where we are able to recycle ink cartridges, tires, cellphones and batteries.

As the owner of a business the way that you view the world is important, but the way that you reflect those views is even more so. At this day in age where recycling is easy, affordable and makes an impact, it is not only respected that a business utilize this system, but it is expected.

If you’re not entirely sure what it is that you can contribute to a movement, there are likely plenty of ways that you can. When it comes to paper, shredding your paper and recycling it is still an option. That way you are not chancing any of your information being shared, but you are still able to recycle. Finding out what the standard size for shredded recycled paper from the company that you work with is a great place to start.

Another great way to contribute to the recycling movement is through your direct mail. As a business owner using direct mail marketing, you are probably sending out a couple hundred envelopes each time that you push a direct mail tactic. At Worcester Envelopes, we create custom printed envelopes, and a method that we have seen take charge are custom designed and beautifully printed, but include a small section that asks the reader to “Please Recycle” after reading.

Adding this small phrase takes an action to get the paper used recycled and makes an effort to get your consumer to do so. Working this into your design is quick, easy and contributes to a bigger effort, so why not?

Create your ideal envelope and have it printed here at Worcester Envelope Company where we specialize in custom printed envelopes. Let us all be a part of the bigger movement going on, today.