Marketing is always advancing and new tactics are being used to catch the eyes of customers. In fact so many trends happen that it is so hard to keep up with all of the changes that are being made. While the last couple of years have brought businesses back to print marketing, 2016 is only going to expand on the trends that will be seen within marketing. Here are a few of the trends that we’ve noticed thus far, and ones that we only see becoming more prominent as the year goes on.

Strong Content

It is often said that written word is quickly dying as an art, but the opposite is in fact true. While people aren’t going directly to a newspaper every day, there are plenty of other ways that print has evolved. One of the ways is through marketing, where having precise and intriguing words from the get go makes for a successful campaign. One of the trends seen is the time that businesses are devoting to their content. Whether it be the slogan, the content in which they are mailing or the words that are printed on the envelopes, time is being spent to make sure that it’s done well. If there is one thing that you should start spending more time on, it’s the content that you’re putting out.

Social Media

Print marketing shouldn’t be the only tool that you’re using. As a business owner it makes sense to use all of the platforms and mediums that are going to make your business succeed. By adding your social media links and pages onto your direct mail envelope, you are sending your customers directly to the sites where they then have the ability to follow, interact and comment. As an envelope manufacturer we may focus on print media, but we know that creating a bond between all of your methods is going to be your best tool towards success.

High Quality

Quality over quantity, it will always be a statement that rings true. When it comes to print marketing the quality stands out. The quality of the content, images, materials, etc. will all stand out as your client is handling the mail. Being able to print high quality images and high quality content onto direct mail envelopes made from high quality materials, is the best way to ensure that your campaign is credible and continues to boast of the quality that your product or service will provide. You will not only see a difference in the way that your direct mail looks, but you will see a difference in the reaction that it brings and the opinion that people have regarding your business.

Worcester Envelope Company is among the best envelope manufacturers in the world, so we hold ourselves accountable for knowing what types of advances and changes are being made in the marketing world. As these changes are made, we make the efforts needed to succeed. Rather than let the standard methods of direct mail allow for your campaign to tank, work with our team that has years of experience with creating quality custom printed envelopes.