As the owner of an auto repair shop, you want to find a marketing tactic that will quite literally drive customers to your business. Whether it be for a routine oil change or a part repair, these sales keep your business going. If you’re a business that prides themselves on quality work, customer service and a knowledgeable team of employees, then having customers that want to come back isn’t always the hard part. Sometimes it’s just getting to the right people at the right time. At Worcester Envelope Company, we have the tools that are necessary for a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Here are a few of the tactics that we’ve seen auto body shops, mechanics and the like incorporate into their campaign.

Deals & Coupons

Everyone loves a good coupon, especially if it’s for a service that they’re going to have to get done. If you choose to offer a price cut on a service like an oil change, tire rotation or a free quote for a pricier service that you offer, these are great deals for you to share with your customers. Not only are coupons a great way to spread the name of your business and try it for a first time, but they’re a fantastic way to drive past customers back into your business.

Love the Loyal Customers

If you have customers that have worked with you over the years, reach out to this group specifically and offer them deals that other customers don’t get. Loyal customers go a long way, and having customers whose return and good word you can count on are ones that you can invest in. Whether you send a thank you letter that specifically talks about their time investing in your business, or you simply send a coupon to them with a sweet, to the point remark along those lines, the thought goes much further than you’d imagine.

Imagery & Text

As always, the imagery and text that you incorporate throughout your direct mail marketing campaign is extremely important. From the quality of the colors and images to the slogans and phrases that you use throughout, this step is trivial. At Worcester Envelope, we have all of the tools, knowledge and experience that you need to get this step right. We will work with you in order to make sure that the concept that you’ve created for the campaign is one that we can turn into a reality.

If you’re ready to commit to a campaign that will change the way your business runs, then it’s time that you work with someone that is just as serious about the results. Our team of professionals truly does understand what components make up a fantastic marketing campaign and how to put those ideas and concepts, onto an envelope that is sent directly to your customer. Work with Worcester Envelope and discover the many ways that we can help you build relationships with your clients, drive sales and more. Browse our selection of envelopes that we offer and find one that suits the mission that you’re out to accomplish.