With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to write a love letter to that special someone.

When you want to give your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift that will truly stand out and make them feel loved, there’s no better option than a love letter. In our last blog, we went over several reasons why sending a love letter is your best option this Valentine’s Day. However, here at Worcester Envelope, we know that love letters aren’t exactly modern and many people don’t know how to write them. That’s why we’ve come up with these tips to help you write a beautiful love letter this Valentine’s Day:

#1. Begin by stating the purpose of the letter.

People send letters for all kinds of reasons, and you want your loved one to be able to tell right off the bat that it is indeed a love letter. Start off by saying something like, “Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I loved you, but I know that I don’t say it enough…”

#2. Think about what they bring to your life.

Every relationship is special for its own unique reason. Before you sit down and write out your love letter, take some time to think about what makes your relationship so special and what your significant other brings to your life. Here are some examples:

  • “Thank you so much for encouraging me each and every day. You’ve made me a more driven and motivated person, and I couldn’t have done it without you.”
  • “Whenever I’m having a bad day, I can always count on you to put a smile on my face.”
  • “You’re always there when I need someone to talk to. The emotional support you provide has gotten me through so many tough times, and I am so thankful for it.”

#3. Talk about your favorite memories.

The memories you share with your loved one are part of what builds solid, healthy relationships. Whether your favorite memory was your first kiss or simply the laugh you shared together when you went to a stand-up comedy performance, your loved one will be so happy to hear about your most treasured memories.

#4. Think about what you don’t say often enough.

In any relationship, particularly long-term relationships, you get so caught up in your day-to-day routines that you forget or simply overlook telling your loved one things that can make them feel loved and special. Take a moment to consider the things about your loved one that you have been taking for granted. Maybe it’s that they spend the time to cook dinner for you every day or that they bring emotional fulfillment to your life. This is also a great place to compliment them on their looks! Looks should not be the focus of your love letter, but everyone likes hearing that they are attractive, especially to those they love.

#5. Write your letter on stationery.

While the sentiments in the love letter are vastly more important than what you write it on, writing your letter on a nice piece of stationery is a nice touch that your loved one will surely appreciate. Go to your local craft store and pick out stationary with their favorite color or pattern. For extra credit, add a scent to the stationary and put it in a custom printed envelope.

#6. Always hand write love letters.

For the ultimate in romance and intimacy, you need to write your love letter with a pen. When you type love letters out, they just don’t have the same personal touch as handwritten letters do. If you are unsure about what to say, you may need to write several drafts. You could write your first draft on a computer; just make sure your second draft is in your handwriting.

#7. Let your letter sit for a bit before you send it.

The bottom line is that love letters are emotional, and when you’re writing something emotional, it’s all too easy to say more than you might actually be comfortable with. While a love letter is the perfect place to pour out your heart, it’s always a good idea to let it sit for a day or two before you actually seal the envelope and put it in the mail.

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