They say that business isn’t personal, but when it comes to the direct mail marketing campaign for your business, a little personalization can go a long way.

In our latest blog series, we went over some of the most common mistakes in direct mail marketing campaigns. One of the biggest mistakes that we went over is failing to personalize your campaign. Unless you offer an extremely niche product to an extremely specific audience, chances are, you’re trying to appeal to a wide variety of people. When your mailers have to compel people to action who all have different interests and pain points, personalization is key to taking your campaign to the next level.

Why making it personal is so important.

  • Readers Love It – Multiple studies have shown that, when people receive business mail that is personalized to them, they pay more attention to it. When you personalize your mailers, it makes your audience feel special and, thus, more likely to open your mailers.
  • Improved Targeting – Personalization allows you to better target your message for specific customers. One perfect way to go about doing this is to base a customer’s offer on their purchase history.
  • Increased Response Rate – Since your audience loves personalization, and it allows you to target their specific interests, personalization can help you achieve a significant increase in your response rate.

How do you personalize your direct mail marketing campaign?

  1. Gather Data – The key to effectively personalizing your campaign is to first gather data. If you don’t know anything about your audience, it’s impossible to target the content in your mailers to them. One of the best sources of data is the purchase/donation history of your audience. For example, say you installed a pool in a client’s yard, after a month or two, you could send them an offer to have their pool cleaned or to purchase pool chemicals.
  2. Name – Once you’ve gathered data on your clients, the easiest, quickest and most effective way to start personalizing your mailers is by including the names of your readers instead of “dear reader” or any other general terms.
  3. Gender – If you have an offer that is gender-specific, you can personalize your mailers for gender. This is a great option, as men and women often view services and products differently, and you can use those differences to your advantage. When using gender for personalization, be very careful about ensuring that your data is accurate, as you can really offend people if you send the wrong message.
  4. Location – Appeal to your audience’s desire to “keep up with the Joneses” by enticing them to buy what their friends and neighbors are buying. Highlight the most popular items or services purchased in specific neighborhoods or towns in your offers.
  5. Reminders – Incremental reminders are excellent excuses to send mailers to your audience. Whether they be reminders for dental patients to schedule their six-month exams or reminders to renew magazine subscriptions that will run out soon, these kinds of mailers are an excellent opportunity to establish urgency and compel your audience to act quickly. To add even more urgency to these mailers, include coupons or specials that will only be available certain dates or that have expiration dates.

Take personalization one step further with custom printed envelopes.

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