Did you know that thank you notes can be powerful professional tools?

Most of us only fill out thank you notes a few times in life: after birthday parties, graduations and your wedding day. While all of these are great occasions to send thank you notes, thank you notes aren’t just powerful tools in your personal life, they are also powerful tools in your professional life! Harnessing the power of the thank you note in your professional life could help you make valuable connections, land a job, make a sale and so much more, but not all thank you notes are made equal. Sending a generic thank you note is often not enough, and in order to send an effective thank you note, there are a few things you should always do. The following is a list of tips for Worcester Envelope Company to help you make the most out of thank you notes in your professional life:

#1. Take plenty of notes.

One of the best parts about thank you notes is how personal they are, which means that you need information. Without the proper information, the best that you’ll be able to provide is a generic thank you note, which could still help depending on the circumstance, but won’t be as effective as a more personal one. Try to keep track of any personal information they have shared with you, such as hobbies, their kids’ names, where they are from, etc.

#2. Don’t try to sell or ask for anything.

A thank you note should be about saying thank you. It’s not a sales tool or an excuse to ask for something. You can touch on a specific service or product if it has to do with your thank you note, but again, don’t try to make a sales pitch or include a call to action. Instead, follow up with them after sending the note to ask for something or make the sale.

#3. Write your thank you notes on your own.

Even if you have an assistant who handles all of your written correspondences, when it comes to thank you notes, you should never delegate. As we mentioned before, the personal touch is what really makes thank you notes stand out, and if you have someone else write it for you, that personal touch just won’t come across. This also means that you shouldn’t just sign your name to a thank you note that you picked up at the store, and you should also make sure that you write out your message by hand. Not only does actually writing out thank you notes yourself help you make a better impression, it will also help you remember specific details about the individual you are thanking, which could definitely be beneficial for future interactions.

#4. Send out thank you notes promptly.

Unlike sending thank you notes for gifts and other personal reasons, don’t worry about sending out professional thank you notes immediately. For example, if you were invited to a business convention, and you send out a thank you note the day after it has concluded, then your note could easily get lost in the shuffle of trying to wind down the event. On the other hand, if you wait a couple of weeks, you may get more responses. However, it’s important to keep in mind that, if you are sending a thank you note after an interview, delaying could mean losing out on the job, so be sure to consider the specific circumstance.

#5. Don’t forget to include your business card or contact information.

Sending a thank you note is not just a way to express how grateful you are for an opportunity, it’s also a way to establish and build professional connections. Including your business card (or contact information) in your thank you note gives the receiving party an easy way to get ahold of you. This is also a very subtle way to remind them that you are waiting to hear from them about a job, sale or any other professional opportunities without outright asking them to contact you about it.

#6. Write a draft and find an editing buddy.

Nothing makes you look worse to your professional contacts than misspelled words, scribbled out phrases and grammatical errors in a thank you note, particularly if you are thanking someone for giving you a job interview. Since it’s important to hand write your thank you notes, it’s also important to do a rough draft on a spare piece of paper first. Not only will this help you determine what you want to say (so you can avoid scribbling out lines), it will also help to eliminate those pesky spelling and grammar errors.

Professional thank you notes are incredible tools when you use them effectively. But what’s a good thank you note without an envelope to put it in? Make a statement with each and every professional thank you note you send by ordering your own custom printed envelopes from Worcester Envelope Company today!