mailThere are certain times of the year that draw customers in, and for the most part we can expect them; Christmas, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, New Years, all common holidays that we see coming and plan on putting aside funds for advertising. While these holidays are obvious days that you should consider sending out direct mail if it’s applicable, they aren’t the only ones that you could use to your advantage.

In the last couple of years, society has taken the time to celebrate holidays that aren’t necessarily historic or religious, but more a celebration of hobbies, interests and down right random things. While they may not be as serious as buying the brand new model of Xbox for your 15 year old for Christmas, or as standard as the candy sales around Easter, or even as important and necessary as the selection that is made when purchasing fireworks for the Fourth of July, these random holidays are fun ways to get customers interested in your field, and more importantly, your business. Here are some of the craziest holidays that we’ve seen used with direct mail, that you too can incorporate into your campaign.

January 3rd – Festival of Sleep Day

How could you not love a holiday that celebrates sleep? Whether you’re the best mattress store in town, a high quality furniture store or you have the softest bed linens in town, this is a holiday to be celebrated. Whether you decide to have a sale that discounts your fantastic products, or you simply send out a piece of direct mail that reminds customers to come in and find the bedding they need, make an effort to remember this holiday.

May 5th – National Hoagie Day

What better way to drive business than celebrating a day directed at exactly what you sell. If you are a sandwich shop or even just a restaurant that wants to make a special, national hoagie day is a fantastic way to drive customers. Statistics have shown that people are more likely to celebrate a holiday that drives them toward celebrating some form of food or drink. In fact, businesses like IHOP received more than double the average day of business, on National Pancake Day.

We are only getting started with the fun holidays that you can incorporate into your direct mail marketing campaign. Check back on our blog frequently to see what other direct mail tactics you can use on your custom printed envelopes!