dreamstime_xxl_40543402In a world full of overly busy schedules, smart phones, and digital marketing, it is growing increasingly important for custom printed envelopes and mailers to adapt to the evolving market and appeal to the senses as much as possible.

Here are five aspects of design to consider when ordering your next custom printed envelopes and mailers:

  1. Color. A color can evoke an emotion or association. The colors of your custom printed envelopes or mailers not only represents who your company is, but also should appeal to your target market. Check out one of our latest blogs about color theory! Texture. The weight and texture of your mailer tells a lot about your business; what you are about, the legitimacy of your business, and your professionalism. Sometimes a heavy paper attracts more attention because it is visual and tactile.
  2. Style. The style of your custom printed envelopes says a lot about your business, because the outside of your envelope is essentially advertising space.
  3. Images. With the rise of social media and technology, our culture is becoming increasingly more visual. Let that work to your advantage!
  4. Type. When you know your audience, you will know what type of custom printed envelopes to order. Also consider what the purpose is of your mailer. Is it to inform, advertise, or invite?

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These are the five basic design elements of custom printed envelopes to consider as you are getting ready to place your order. Still not sure what kind of custom envelope or mailer you need? Contact us and the professionals at Worcester Envelope Company will help choose the best option. Get a free quote here!

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