As in all things, change is inevitable. While it is unavoidable, change does  produce necessary growth more often than not. So why would marketing be any different?

It’s not. The reason marketing exists is to please the people and if people are always changing in response to global events, regional influxes, seasonal transitions, community growth, or personal transformations, our strategies must follow. According to Wall Street Journal, retailers have tried to simplify these consumer marketing trends into the following major shopping seasons:


Football and New Year’s Resolutions (January, February)

Valentine’s Day, Superbowl, Mardi Gras (February)dreamstime_xxl_43178391

Organization/Storage (January-March)

Health and Fitness, includes New Year’s Resolutions and ‘Bikini Season” (January-May)

Easter, Maternity Season (March)

Allergy Season (March, April)
Lawn and Garden (April-May)

Graduation Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day (April, May)


Back to School/College Season (July-September)

Labor Day (September)
Cough, Cold and Flu Seasons (September/October)

Fall Sports, Movie and Entertainment Seasons (Late September through December)
Pink/Women’s Health (October)

Veteran’s Day, Election Season, Thanksgiving, Black Friday (November)

Food and Baking Season (November/December)
Holiday, Gifting, Last-Minute Gifting (December)

With this intuition of the industry’s trends, it’s no secret that fall planning is already underway. Whether you’re more of a ‘fun in the sun’ or an ‘I wish all year was fall’ type of person, it’s time to begin that transition into the autumn seasons. Especially when considering last year’s staggering results from the National Retail Federation who estimated a $6.9 billion intake for the fall season alone. Between the mad rush of back to school all the way through the spectacle of the holidays, the next slew of events must come. And before the first leaves begin to drop, media and marketing platforms will boom with a hyper-awareness of this change in season.

Get Your Envelopes Opened!

If you need an initial understanding of how your customized envelopes can make the difference in your business-to-client interactions, please read through our earlier explanation here. Remember, your envelope is the first impression you have in your direct mailing strategy. So, catering for the season will maximize your impact. With all this in mind, consider the value of utilizing our services to transform your autumn-inspired approach:

  • Uncoated Papers
  • Coated Papers
  • Specialty Papers
  • 8-color printing
  • Flex8 capable
  • Multiple windows and designs
  • Opening/closing options include String, Self Seal, Ez-seal, Strip to Seal, traditional
  • Custom packaging

Any combination of these customizable marketing techniques can be utilized to match the changing of the seasons. Speak to our creative and knowledgeable staff today to get your quote.