Remember, your envelope is the first impression you make with your clients in your direct mailing strategy. Being aware of the factors shaping your client’s community and utilizing specific trends could make the difference in your direct mail marketing. For more information on what types of trends to follow, read Part I of this series. With all this in mind, consider the value of utilizing our services to transform your envelopes for the upcoming months.

At Worcester Envelope Company, we offer fully customizable envelopes for your business’ unique marketing strategy. With endless possibilities of color, personalization, texture, and opening and closing options, you can create the Fall inspired marketing campaign your company needs. Here is a brief reminder of what is possible with our envelopes:

  • Uncoated Papers
  • Coated Papers
  • Specialty Papers
  • 8-color printing
  • Flex8 capable
  • Multiple windows and designs
  • Opening/closing options include String, Self Seal, Ez-seal, Strip to Seal, traditional
  • Custom packaging

These months are busy, full of chaotic planning, and mad dashes to keep up with the slew of events and celebrations. Now that you have finished the Hall0ween craze, it’s time for the next month already! November is the prime month for gathering together. So while everyone else is joining together, business marketing must also follow. While you surely aren’t the only business to be seeking the same client engagement, we suggest following the trends and taking a unique approach. Consider following more than just the biggest holiday of the month and use our envelope designs to be different from your competitors. Below, we list November’s themes and celebrations, from the traditional to beyond the norm, to keep in mind when creating your customized envelope designs. Bring the essence of these events into your direct mail marketing:

  • Election Season
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Cold/Flu & Wellness Season
  • No Shave November
  • Food and Baking Season
  • Thanksgiving Feasts
  • Black Friday

Depending on your business and your particular style of marketing, these elements can be incorporated into your designs. For a more detailed explanation of how to begin campaign designs for your particular company, read here. Below, are a few examples to help spark your own unique design inspirations for themes such as “No Shave November:”

  • Hardware Store: “Put Your Razors to Rest, Pick Up Some Tools!”
  • Clothing Boutique: “Look Fan‘tache’tic in Our November Styles!”
  • Car Dealership: “With Great Moustache, Comes Great Responsibility, Drive safely!”
  • Bakery: “Eat a Cookie with a Moustache to Match Yours!”

Now that you’ve concocted some fresh marketing tactics and want to get started on printing those customized designs, we have one last tip! Consider your color palette. November will be consumed in oranges, yellows, and leaf greens paired with unoriginal turkeys and feather designs. Be different! For our No Shave November campaigns, we would suggest marketing in all colors of facial hair, picking cool colors in blues and purples contrast the rest of the mundane looking pieces of mail waiting in your client’s mailbox. Use colors that will give your eyes something to feast on!

Whatever your specific aim is, incorporate a fresh look for your designs. While the possibilities vary depending on your style and your type of business, following these tips will not only reflect an individual approach, but reflect the care and attention you went into thinking of your clients. Be bold. Remember the goal is to produce high-quality, original direct mail marketing. Going the extra mile for your business’ envelope designs and matching what is already on your clients’ minds will procure more engagement in your direct mail marketing campaigns. With the help of Worcester Envelope Company, demand your clients’ attention with customized envelope designs for your business today!