We’ve spent the last couple of weeks breaking down some of the best ways to make your direct mail marketing campaign a success, but we haven’t drawn nearly enough attention to the forms of direct mail marketing that don’t incorporate custom envelopes. At Worcester Envelope, we not only customize gorgeous envelopes for you to mail to your customers and clients, but we also create a form of direct mail that we’ve yet to touch on: postcards.

You’re likely sitting there thinking,

“If direct mail didn’t sound old school, postcards definitely do”.

Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to think this. Actually, quite a few people doubted the success of postcards becoming a part of a marketing campaign, especially with technological options like Facebook and Google, or forms of advertisement that get more visibility like a billboard or television commercial. The downfall to most of these advertisements is that they don’t get directly to your customer, making the chances of your demographic just that, a chance. In order to get the offers and information directly to the people that are most likely to invest in your business, you have to discover ways to market directly to them. While direct mail sent in envelopes can be just as successful, an alternative would be mailing custom printed postcards. Here are a few of the benefits to sending postcards as your direct mail marketing.

  • Easy to track your results
  • Short and to the point
  • More affordable to print
  • Brand your offer and your business
  • Easy to redeem offers on postcards
  • Easier to test marketing efficiency
  • Versatile forms of marketing – use as you see fit

These are obviously only a few of the benefits to using postcards for your direct mail marketing campaign. While these are only a few, some of them ring truth beyond realization. This form of direct mail is versatile; you don’t have to mail them, you could use them as larger business cards or as a coupon that your customers can take as they leave your store. This form of direct mail marketing offers plenty of opportunity when it comes to creativity and possibility. Check out all of the direct mail options that we have at Worcester Envelope.