sloganJingles and slogans are easily one of the most memorable parts of a business. Let’s face it, even if one doesn’t visit the McDonald’s drive through on a weekly basis, it’s impossible not to know the jingle “I’m Loving It!”. This example in itself should demonstrate the importance of a good slogan.

When you’re able to recognize a brand based off of words that you hear, colors that you see or a logo that is printed, you can tell that your loyalty, or at least knowledge of the company, is pretty high. As a business owner, creating a slogan that sticks with customers is incredibly important, but also difficult in the sense of knowing what it is that customers will hold on to.

At Worcester Envelope, we have seen plenty of slogans, and in that time there are ones that stuck with us, and others that faded with time. As you begin to design your direct mail campaign, these are a few tips that can benefit you with the creative process of your slogan and how it’s displayed on your custom printed envelopes.

Easy To Read

With direct mail, readability is important. Between the slogan that you create and the way that you design it, emphasizing the readability is a must. That means that you need to focus on the words that you use, the way that they’re laid out, and on top of that, the colors and font that you choose to print the slogan with. There’s no point in having a good slogan if no one is going to be able to understand it.

Make It Valuable

While “I’m Lovin’ It” isn’t the best example of a valuable slogan, there are plenty of other brands that have created a slogan full of value, making it easier to leave an impact on customers. The first brand to come to mind is Nike, with “Just Do It.” These three simple words put our doubts and excuses to an end and create a challenge within our minds. Not only does this slogan speak to athletes, but it speaks to all of mankind.

Don’t Go Overboard

When you try to speak to an audience it’s easy to get overly excited and end up with a scramble of words, all compiling into one extremely confusing and strange sentence. Slogans shouldn’t be too wild, even when they’re merely intended to get across information. Rather than create a slogan that says “Stop in today and buy the bedding that will make your life better”, shorten it up and get the point across that is most important. A simple “Stop in Today” or “Saturday’s Big Sale” gets the most important information across to your customers, without taking up all of the space on your custom printed envelope.

While we can’t help you create the world’s catchiest slogan, we can make sure that any slogan that you do create will look sleek. Trust Worcester Envelope to provide your business with the boldest custom printed envelopes in the business.