sitoryIn direct mail marketing, there is nothing quite as challenging as figuring out how you’re going to get your customers attention. Regardless of what product or service you’re offering, this is always the most challenging part, but the challenges get worse when you are a non profit business competing with dozens of others. In the times that you’re struggling to hold the attention of your consumers you need to be challenging the norm and creating methods that will change the game.

A method that is old as time but continues to provide success is the personal touch that is added to direct mail. Of course, it’s easy to create a database with names and birthdays and personalize your campaign that way, but why not take it one step further.

Non profit businesses work very closely with situations, events and individuals that more often than not, need a helping hand. These one of a kind circumstances can be difficult to work with, but amazing experiences and stories to share.

One of the personalized methods that we recommend incorporating into your direct mail campaign is adding a story to the mail that you send out. While it may not seem as though this is personalized or directed towards the consumer, it’s not them you’re focusing on, it’s their emotions. When you write out one of the stories that you and your non profit organization have worked with, you’re sharing the long term effects and end goals of your organization.

Rather than simply sending an envelope and requesting a donation, provide your consumers with a story that will give them a reason to donate in the first place. Put a face, time and place to their money and make it something that they see value in.

When you’ve got the components of a direct mail marketing campaign that will catch your customer’s attention, you can count on Worcester Envelope Company to create the personalized envelopes that you will need for your direct mail. Work with us today on creating more than just an envelope for your campaign, but a piece of a story.