Color is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for your direct mail campaign, but it’s important to use it wisely.

In our latest blog, the professionals at Worcester Envelope Company went over a few reasons why you should make it a point to use color in your direct mail marketing campaign. The fact is that color is an incredibly powerful tool for everything from making your brand recognizable to evoking certain emotions and feelings in your readers. But, it’s important to note that there’s a right way and a wrong way to use color for your direct mail campaign. Just as color can be used to build trust, attract customers and encourage conversations, it can just as effectively turn your readers off if it’s not used properly. Simply using color is not enough; you have to learn to do so effectively. Here are a few things to consider when using color for your direct mail campaign:

Don’t forget about your brand!

In our last blog, we talked about how color can make your brand more recognizable by a staggering 80 percent. However, it can’t do that if you don’t consider your brand when coming up with a color scheme for your mailers. You should use the colors in your logo and/or brand in every aspect of your mailers. That’s not to say that those have to be the only colors you use, but you should never ditch them completely.

Be careful with contrasting colors.

Before you start using color in your mailers, it might pay off to take a quick look at basic color theory. The color wheel is made up of six colors — yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green. The colors that sit side by side on the color wheel are known and complementary. A few examples of complementary colors include yellow and orange, blue and green, and purple and red. The colors that sit opposite of one another are called contrasting colors. A few examples of contrasting colors include yellow and purple, blue and orange, and red and green. Both contrasting and complementary color schemes can be used effectively in your mailers, but when it comes to contrasting colors, it pays to tread lightly. It’s all too easy for contrasting colors to become clashing colors, and no one wants that!

Consider your text.

Many markets are so focused on the colors or images used in the background of their mailers that they overlook the text. You can use different colors throughout the text to highlight different pieces of information; just make sure that the text colors work with the rest of the colors on your mailers. It’s imperative that the color of your text stands out enough to be easy to read. The wrong text colors not only look bad, but they are hard to read, and that’s the last thing you want.

Don’t overlook the psychological effects of color.

If you had a chance to read our last blog, then you already know that color can have a huge psychological impact on your readers and that different colors evoke different emotional responses in people. Color helps to set the tone for your mailers. Some colors encourage urgent responses, while others are soothing or relaxing. The concept of using color to evoke a desired psychological response in your readers is huge and gives you a whole lot of power. It should never be overlooked!

Using color is important, but using color the right way is imperative.

It’s not enough to add a color or two to your mailers. If you want to read all of the amazing benefits of using color in your direct mail marketing campaign, make the most out of it by doing it right. We hope that these tips will help you do just that. If you would like to gain insight into how to use the psychology of color in your direct mail marketing campaign, be sure to stay tuned for our next blog! In the meantime, take the first step towards enhancing your campaign with color by contacting the professionals at Worcester Envelope Company. We can provide you with custom business envelopes that can help you maximize your campaign like never before. Get your free product quote today!