Is handwriting dead? Are sending letters via snail mail in beautiful custom printed envelopes a thing of the past? It may have slowed a bit, but there is nothing more exciting than receiving a personally written and hand-signed letter in the mail!

It’s hard to imagine a digital-less world with no email or text messages, but think about the incarcerated population, some of them may not even understand the internet, let alone an email or podcast! So, can we really tell characteristics of a person just by examining their handwriting, or even their insidious intentions? There is an entire science and study behind handwriting analysis called graphology, and they conclude much can be drawn from a person’s hand-writing.

Thoughts on handwriting analysis

The history of graphology was incepted along with psychiatry in Europe, when Jung, Freud, and other scientists studied handwriting in-depth. The focus and analysis was placed on the whole of a person’s handwriting; where the writing is located on a page, the style (fluid vs. jagged), and legibility. They did not, however, place emphasis on individual letters. The conclusion is that handwriting is a window to the conscious and subconscious mind; an EKG of the brain constantly monitoring our physical and mental state.

While handwriting analysis may have to stretch to diagnose a psychopath, it can provide valuable clues about a person that you normally wouldn’t have access to. Handwriting offers clues to intelligence, emotional stability, and certain characteristics such as: leadership, honesty, and physical activity level.

The bad

While you cannot lump all serial killers into one group, Anna Koren, a graphologist has analyzed the handwriting of many infamous serial killers, and among them 80 percent were considered to have a schizoid personality disorder. Distilled down, this presents as an indifference to social relationships and a limited range of emotional expression. The murderers she studied murdered in pre-planned cold blood.

Schizoid murderers have these traits in common:

  • A charming and charismatic personality
  • A strong ambitious drive
  • Overly obsessive in all aspects of their lives
  • A lack of conscience

This is a simplified list, but think of all the notorious serial killers: Bundy, Manson, and Gacy, they all fit into these parameters.

Among schizoid criminals, the following handwriting traits are common:

  • Extreme angles
  • Tense handwriting
  • Narrowness
  • Large or extreme height differentials
  • Rhythmic writing
  • Slow writing
  • Invented letters
  • Broken letters
  • Twisted letters

The good

With as much gloom that has been expressed, handwriting can also identify amazing, positive traits in people!

Slanted writing – if your slanting veers towards the right, you tend to be open minded and social. If your writing is totally straight, you may tend to be more logical and practical.

Letter sizes – if you write largely, it directly corresponds with a big personality, and you’re likely extroverted and love the spotlight. If you have small letters, you may be more introverted and shy.

Pressure – If your handwriting is dark, you have strong emotions and feel things very deeply. If light pressure is applied, you’re more light and try not to wear yourself out emotionally.

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