Just because your readers are opening your mailers, it doesn’t mean that they are getting the message.

Direct mail is the most cost-effective marketing channel available to you. However, not every direct mail marketing campaign is a success, and if yours isn’t performing to your standards, then it’s time to dig into what’s holding it back. There are so many aspects to a direct mail campaign, and there could be many things hindering its success. However, one big aspect that often gets missed is the message itself. It may seem clear to you, but what if your readers just aren’t picking up what you’re putting down?

Maybe you’re talking over your readers instead of actually engaging them. Maybe you’re giving your readers solutions to problems that they don’t actually have. Maybe you’re using a lot of industry jargon that your readers just don’t understand. Or, maybe they are just misinterpreting what you’re trying to say. No matter the cause, it can be frustrating when your readers are misunderstanding your message, but luckily, it’s a problem that’s easy to fix. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your readers are getting the message.

#1. Consider your audience.

Before you can come up with a message that your audience will understand and respond to, you first have to know who your audience is. Using the data you’ve collected will give you a huge leg up on this. Think about the problems that your readers may be struggling with, what brings them joy, what upsets them, etc.

#2. Target different groups in your mailing list.

Not every single individual in your audience will have the same likes, dislikes and problems, and one of the reasons direct mail is so much more effective than other strategies is that it allows marketers to target readers much more specifically than in other strategies. Instead of sending all of your mailers out to your entire audience, pick different groups in your mailing list to target with different mailers. For instance, if you run a retail store, you could send ads to everyone who bought yoga pants about an upcoming sale on yoga tank tops.

#3. Define your goal.

In order to get your readers to understand and respond to your message, it’s essential that you first know what your goal is! Are you trying to get more people to physically come into your store and shop? Are you trying to get more people to call you to sign up for a service? Or, are you trying to get people to check out your website? It’s impossible to make your goal clear to your readers if you don’t understand it yourself.

#4. Make the benefits clear.

Many marketers make the mistake of listing only the features of their products or services on their mailers. And, while it’s always good to highlight features, features don’t make sales — benefits do. Even if you believe that the benefits of certain features are extremely clear, your audience might not so make it a point to actually highlight the benefits of your product or service rather than just the features.

#5. Keep your message straightforward.

It’s important to be clear and concise in your messaging. Never use any industry jargon or acronyms the average consumer wouldn’t understand, and don’t try to squeeze a complicated definition into a few sentences on your mailers. Remember, if you need to provide more information to your readers, you can always encourage them to visit your site or sign up for email newsletters.

#6. Test your mailers!

It’s not always easy to tell when your mailers don’t make sense to your audience; after all, they make sense to you! The best way to truly understand how effective your mailers are is to actually test them. Check out our past blogs to learn why A/B testing is important to the success of your direct mail campaign, and how to A/B test your campaign effectively.

When your message is lost or misunderstood, it can cause the response rate in your direct mail campaign to plummet. We hope that these tips will help you send a message that your readers can understand and will respond to.

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