The quality of your mailing list can make or break your direct mail campaign.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the success of your direct mail campaign is largely based on the quality of your mailing list. The goal with any direct mail campaign is to send your mailers to people who will be more likely to open them and take you up on your offer. Every mailer that is sent to the wrong person and is unceremoniously thrown away represents dollars lost, and if you haven’t been keeping up on maintaining your mailing list, you could be wasting a lot more of your money than you realize. Here are a few best practices for a leaner, meaner, more effective mailing list:

#1. Keep an eye on your mailbox.

Watching your own mailbox is a great way to stay on top of your mailing list. Why? Because when mail is undeliverable for any reason, it will be returned to you, and if your mailers aren’t getting to your readers, you’re wasting your money. And, with more than 40 million Americans changing their address each year, it pays to stay on top of your mailing list. Most businesses have an undeliverable rate of 10 to 12 percent, but you can take steps to lower yours by removing people from your list that you no longer have updated contact information for.

#2. Use the information you have.

When a customer buys a specific product or takes advantage of a specific service you have to offer, it’s important to pay attention and keep track of that information. Using past purchase history is a great way to send your customers more targeted mailers. For instance, say that you are in the business of selling electronics. All of your customers who have bought a television in the last few months are likely interested in the same kinds of offers, such as sound systems, Blu-Ray players, etc. You can also send a mailer to your customers on their birthday with a special offer or greeting, or send mailers to people who have spent a certain amount of time on a single page of your website. The fact is that most businesses have lots of information about their customers; you just have to figure out how to use it to your advantage in your direct mail campaign.

#3. Get rid of duplicates!

If you’re sending multiple mailers to the same people, it will probably annoy them, and pretty quickly, too. No one wants to be inundated with repeat mailers, and this situation isn’t ideal for your company either, because it’s your hard-earned money that will be trashed along with the duplicate mailer. Some experts estimate that as much as 10 percent of your typical mailing list of made up of duplicates, and that can definitely cause your return on investment (ROI) to take a hit. Why do duplicates pop up in the first place? Typically, duplicates can be blamed on simple typos. A misspelled name or the addition or a character or a number can lead to the formation of multiple versions of the same prospect in your mailing list.

A high-quality mailing list is an essential part of an effective direct mail campaign, but it isn’t the only thing that’s important! The design of your mailer will also play a huge role in how many people open your mailers and act on them, and that’s where Worcester Envelope Company comes in. We’re in the business of designing and printing custom business envelopes that demand to be opened, and we use the latest technology, like Flex8 printing, to do so. Get your free product quotes today!