With the invention of email, letter writing has largely become a thing of the past, but it’s worth it to pick it up again.

Writing letters has become a lost art, but you can experience many benefits when you write letters to your friends and family on a regular basis. At Worcester Envelope Company, we offer bulk envelopes that make it affordable to make letter writing (and sending) a part of your regular routine. The following is a list of just a couple of many benefits of writing letters:

#1. A Personal Touch

Letters are just special, there’s no two ways around it. Technology has made correspondences easy, but in some ways, impersonal. Writing a letter does more than just convey your message, it also conveys the feelings behind your message.

#2. Time and Focus

Communication has become overly rushed. Technology has made it incredibly fast and convenient to ask your spouse to get milk on the way home or to share a photo of your lunch with your friends, but it has also taken a lot of the time and focus out of communication. It takes both time and focus to write a letter, and when you actually take the time to write, it allows you to slow down and think of what really matters.

Writing letters is advantageous in many ways, but we’ve only had time to go over a couple of the benefits in this blog. If you would like to learn about more of the benefits of writing letters, please stay tuned for our next blog!