The holidays are here, and it’s the perfect time to send holiday letters to your friends and family.

Many people don’t send letters anymore, but if you’ve been looking for an excuse to start enjoying the benefits of writing letters, the holidays are a perfect excuse to start writing letters again. People used to send holiday letters all the time, but that isn’t exactly a common practice anymore. Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider sending holiday letters to your friends and family this year:

#1. It gives you a chance to look back on the year.

It’s been a crazy year, to say the least. In 2016, we were subject to one of the most controversial elections in our nation’s history; we lost some truly great performers, like David Bowie and Prince; and we watched the Cubs finally win the World Series — and that’s just what made the news. There are plenty of things that happened in your own life over the past year, and looking back in a holiday letter will give you a whole new perspective on everything you’ve experienced.

#2. It updates your friends and family on your life.

While Facebook probably keeps your friends and family fairly up to date on what’s going on with you, if you are like most people, you mainly use it to tell people what you have for lunch or your political views. Sending a holiday letter out gives the people who love you a whole other glimpse into your life that has nothing to do with your Facebook persona.

#3. It reminds you of everything you have to be thankful for.

There are no two ways around it, life can be difficult, and sometimes, when you’re in the midst of a particularly difficult situation, it’s all too easy to forget about the good stuff that is going for you. Not only does sending a holiday letter help to inform your loved ones of the good things in your life, it also gives you a chance to remind yourself of those good things as well!

#4. It helps you keep in touch.

For most of us, our friends and family members get scattered across the country (or possibly even the world) and, over time, you start to lose touch with people who used to be close to you. Whether you want to rekindle your relationship with your best friend from high school or a distant cousin that you haven’t seen in years, sending a holiday letter is the perfect way to help you reconnect and keep in touch.

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