The new year is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to determine what your new year’s resolution will be.

On January 1st, people all over the world will vow to eat healthier, exercise more and lose weight. Other common New Year’s resolutions include saving money, living life to the fullest or spending more time with friends and family. People have been making New Year’s resolutions for thousands of years, and some of the first were made by ancient Babylonians, who promised their gods to return objects they borrowed and pay off debts. However, if you’re like most people, you probably give up on your resolution by February.

Why do resolutions fail?

Have you given up on past resolutions? If so, you’re not alone. In 2007, a study was conducted by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol. The study determined that as many as 88 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail. The most common reason why these resolutions failed was because of unrealistic goals, which accounted for around 35 percent of the failed resolutions. The second biggest reason for failure, coming in at 33 percent, was because people didn’t actually keep track of their progress, and around 23 percent of participants forgot about their resolutions altogether.


Pick a resolution you can stick with.

Are you ready to experience success in your New Year’s resolution for 2017? If so, a great place to start is by choosing a resolution that you can actually stick with, like letter writing. In many of our past blogs, we’ve gone over the benefits of writing letters, particularly writing letters by hand. Letter writing is a great New Year’s resolution for so many reasons. Here are just a few of them:

  • Stay Connected – Even with Facebook and other social media platforms, staying connected with your loved ones isn’t easy. Life gets incredibly busy, and writing letters is a great way to reach out to your loved ones that you don’t have a lot of time to see in person or talk to over the phone.
  • Enjoy the Benefits – Believe it or not, writing letters by hand has many physical, psychological and emotional benefits. Writing long-hand helps to improve memory and focus, and it can actually help you to become a better writer. Check out our previous blog series to learn about more of the benefits of writing letters by hand.
  • Spread Cheer – The holidays are a time for mixed emotions. While there are certainly many good things about the holidays, they can also be difficult for many people. Sending a letter to a friend or family member can brighten their day like nothing else, helping to ease the stress and anxiety of the holiday season. Letters have the power to enhance moods and brighten spirits all year long!
  • Make Yourself Stand Out – If you are applying for a job, you need a way to make yourself stand out from the other candidates who are also applying. Writing a handwritten letter after an interview makes a positive impression and adds a personal touch, making you stand out against your competition. The small, simple task of writing a letter could actually help you land your dream job!
  • Start Getting Mail – When you start sending letters to those you love, something incredible happens: you start getting letters in the mail too! If you are sick of sorting through bills, ads and junk mail, getting a letter in the mail can be a welcome change.

How do you start writing more letters?

Now that you know why writing letters is important, it’s time to learn how to start writing them. Most people want an excuse, like an interview or a holiday, to write a letter, but in reality, you don’t really need an excuse. The simplest letters are often the most meaningful. Even if you want to drop a loved one a line just to say hi, we are confident that your letter will be well-received. So, whatever the reason, make it a point to start writing more letters in 2017!

It’s all too easy to give up on New Year’s resolutions, especially when they are unreachable or you don’t have a plan to accomplish them. Letter writing, however, doesn’t have to be a huge commitment that you have to keep up with every day. You don’t have to make any major lifestyle changes or stop eating carbs to keep a letter-writing resolution, and it comes with so many benefits! Enjoy all of the good things that comes with writing letters, and don’t forget to order the bulk envelopes you need with Worcester Envelope Company today!