designThe saying that less is more has floated around for years, but there are times that we have a hard time giving in to this statement and allow ourselves to overcompensate. When it comes to designing your direct mail envelope, less is definitely more.It’s easy to get lost in the images, text and colors of the design process. With so many options and ideas it goes without saying that the opportunities are endless.


So with endless opportunities, a plan to improve a business and a company like Worcester Envelope that can make it all a reality, what’s stopping you? What does less is more really mean in this instance?

To break it down we have looked at three areas of design that are big pieces of the design process, and we’ve touched on how in each element, less could be more.


In regards to design, there are endless amounts of colors to choose from. From your logo to your text, it’s fun to browse through the colors and find ones that are bright, flashy and fun. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the desire to incorporate color, but just make sure that the colors that you choose and the way that you use them makes sense and doesn’t look overly cluttered, flashy or bright.


One of the best ways to get a customer’s attention is by having images that intrigue them to learn more. Images can be fun to add to envelopes as well as postcards, but there is such a thing as going overboard. Focus on one photo that will catch the attention of your customers and build it so that it is enough of a statement on its own and customers can truly appreciate the message that you’re putting out there.


There is definitely such a thing as information overload. The more copy and text that you want to provide on your direct mail envelope, the less likely your clients are to actually read everything. Work hard to create strong copy in as few words as possible. Making sure that you get your message across nice and clear will leave less chance for confusion and increase the chances of them reading the copy.

Beautify is created on these envelopes when balance has been found. As you design your direct mail envelope, take a step back and make sure that you aren’t going overboard with the colors, images or copy, and that as a whole, the envelope is gorgeous.

With our state of the art printing and high quality materials, we are more than capable of creating a one of a kind design for your direct mail campaign. One that will stand out among the rest, catch the eye of the consumers and allow for them to react and respond to the mail that you’ve send them. Don’t wait any longer to get started on your direct mail marketing campaign, the sooner that it is tackled, the soon that you will begin to see the benefits of direct mail on your business.