dreamstime_xxl_9833600Many people think that handwriting has become obsolete, but even in the digital age, it’s important.

Computers have changed the way we take notes in class, stay up to date on the news and even read books, but contrary to popular belief, they haven’t made the written word obsolete. Handwriting is important for many reasons, and in our last blog, we went over a couple of those reasons. Here are a few more reasons why handwriting still rules in the digital age:

#3. Better Writer

Many famous writers, from J.K. Rowling to Truman Capote, opt for writing their novels long hand vs. typing them out the computer. While handwriting in itself may not make you a spectacular novelist, one study of elementary school students found that students who wrote handwritten essays tended to write longer, faster and had more complete sentences than those who typed essays on the computer.

#4. Focus

Since typing is basically just muscle memory, you have to focus a lot more when you write by hand. This is probably why handwriting unlocks creativity and problem-solving solving skills that typing just doesn’t.

#5. Meaning

Handwritten letters, thank you notes and other correspondences are much more meaningful than sending an email or an e-card. If you want to really show someone that you care, it is much more meaningful to write your sentiments out by hand.

As adults, we have fewer and fewer opportunities to polish our handwriting skills, but a great place to start is by writing letters to your friends and family. Here at Worcester Envelopes, we offer a variety of bulk envelopes that make it affordable to show your loved ones how much you care.

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