Direct mail marketing has been around for years, and in that time it has had the time to evolve and mold to be a form of marketing that businesses can take advantage of. One of the ways that direct mail has progressed into is known as Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM.

What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail was created by USPS to provide a quick and easy way for businesses to get their direct mail to customers within a specific neighborhood or area. In an attempt to make direct mail easier to accomplish, the USPS created an online tool that will allow for you to go through and select the specific routes that you would like to target with your campaign. From there, they will give you an estimate on what postal value would look like if you were to start mailing direct mail to every home within that area.

This method not only cuts the time that it takes to figure out what the route would look like and how much it would cost to mail out your direct mail envelopes, but it also allows for you to send out your custom printed business envelopes without ever being asked for an address list. Marketing this way makes it easy to reach out to new customers that hold a lot of value and potential to bring you business.

Why use EDDM?

As a business that is looking to gain new clientele or is a seasonal service, you can gain many new customers by using this form of direct mail. It saves you tons of time with its quick and easy tool online, and allows for you to reach the right clientele and an abundance of possible customers by simply mailing to the area.

There are plenty of businesses that only mail to customers that they have previously worked with and who have agreed to receive promotions and such. Don’t limit yourself to the clientele that you’ve already worked with, branch out and expand the amount of business that you’re getting.

While USPS has made the delivery part of direct mail easy, Worcester Envelope has made the design part beautiful. Work with us to print high quality custom business envelopes to utilize in your direct mail marketing campaign, and work towards a strategy that will catch your customer’s attention and drive your business.