Direct mail doesn’t have the best reputation, and that’s mostly because technology has surpassed so many of the capabilities of standard “snail mail”. Interestingly enough though, statistics show that the amount of businesses that are utilizing direct mail as a part of their marketing plan has actually gone up 8% in the last year. Taking this into consideration, is there a chance that direct mail is actually a successful asset to a marketing plan?

At Worcester Envelope, we contribute to your marketing plan by creating the custom designs that you want to see on your direct mail envelopes. From the colors you incorporate to the catchphrases that you draw attention with, we create the envelope that you’ve strategically designed for your campaign. After you’ve created this design that takes into consideration the catchphrase, the colors, the sizing, the logo and most importantly, the mail, it only makes sense to know how well your tactics are working.

Just as with any marketing plan or project, one of the most trivial ways that direct mail is successful is through the tracking process. This includes the statistics for how many people used the coupon, how many people registered or scheduled an appointment, following the direct mail. This is easily done by creating a specific code for the coupon, or printing out specific coupons that are brought into the store and then accounted for. Another way that we see this being done is through surveys that ask about your marketing campaign in general. While it may seem redundant to do this, even a little input is better than none.

Worcester Envelope will always be there to create the highest quality of custom envelopes that you need. Whether you discover that your campaign worked perfectly, or you’ve managed to make just the right amount of changes, we can get it done. In order to be successful, you need to know what’s working and what isn’t. Let us do the dirty work and get those envelopes made and contribute to the marketing tactic that’s making a comeback. Get in contact with us for a quick estimate on your custom direct mail envelopes.