We live in a world where unique and different ensure that that something is remembered.That is why having creative and passionate marketing and advertising teams are key assets to a successful campaign; the more out there your commercial or billboard is, the higher chance it has of being remembered or starting conversations. The same thought process goes for direct mail. While it is a very specific group that sees the mail, the more unique that your direct mail is, not only will it be easier to remember, but it has a higher chance of being read.

The Flap

The part of the envelope that seals the mail inside, the triangular bit, is one that we have seen customized a few times to really create a unique touch to the direct mail that you send out. From specific shapes or designs to shifting it in a way that adds a one of a kind touch, doing this makes the act of opening the direct mail that you send out.


This is always going to come at a cost. Whether you decide to downgrade the quality of material that you use for your envelopes, or decide to upgrade to something that makes more of a statement, being able to choose a material that catches the eye and create interest. Some of the examples that we have seen have used thicker materials to create an envelope that draws in curious customers. From plastic to thick paper, wrapping your package in a way that boats of a great gift inside, your customers are much more likely to open.

Your product, service and business are unlike any other, so why should your mail look like all the rest? Design an envelope that supports what you and your business stand for, what the offer that you’re mailing is or any other idea that you’re dying to express. At Worcester Envelopes, we work hard to provide you with one of a kind direct mail envelopes. Come to us with the design that you want for your campaign, and we will do our best to make it a reality.