Bulk ordering for your personal and business envelopes will save you time, money, and stress by utilizing our professional envelope services. Curiously, we would like to address an interesting phenomenon surrounding envelopes-

An Acacia Tree Loams over a Classic Jeep

Remember that Seinfeld episode when George’s fiancée is fatally poisoned from licking hundreds of invitation envelopes? Whether you have seen the episode or not, the reputation of the alleged harm envelope glue can cause proceeds itself. The truth is, the mythology surrounding this perception is inaccurate.

Envelope glue, or gum seal, is the most cost effective and versatile form of sealing your customized, personalized, and bulk ordered Worcester Envelopes. Unfortunately, gum seal has earned a negative reputation. In actuality, envelope glue IS edible. This sticky substance is concocted from gum arabic, which is hardened sap extracted from acacia trees. It contains natural adhesive molecules that are designed to be moistened and remoistened with water-based substances. It is also commonly used in icings, marshmallows, m&m’s, chewing gum, and confectionary treats.

Other common tales surrounding the safety of gum seal include its handling and manufacturing. These misconceptions describe how unsanitary the glue is due to its exposure to dust, hands, and the old wive’s tale of how it collects spider eggs. It’s no surprise that so many people are unwilling to put an envelope to their mouth. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  While it is true that some industrial glues are certainly not monitored or designed for human contact or consumption, envelope glue is an exception. Gum seal is heavily monitored by the FDA on a domestic and international level and includes its production, packaging, and transportation. Envelope glue is not only made from natural, safe ingredients, it is also managed to protect the integrity of its manufacturing and sterilization. So, thankfully, there’s no need to worry about fatal poisoning.

However, sometimes for the sake of time management or to minimize the process for mass amounts of mailing, we can offer you some alternative ideas to close your envelopes.

  • Lightly damp a cloth to wet the envelope glue
  • Purchase a product commonly known as “Envelope Moistener”
  • Utilize Worcester Envelope’s several closing options highlighted here

Look beyond the myths and tales behind envelope glue. Fundamentally, it is naturally found and wholly safe. No matter which manner you choose to seal your envelopes, remember to always ask us any of your questions about bulk ordering your Worcester Envelopes today!