When it comes to sending thank you notes, there are many rules of etiquette that should be followed.

The year has blown by, and believe it or not, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. With the upcoming holiday, November is the perfect month to start being a little more thankful, and one of the best ways to show your thanks is by sending thank you cards. In our last blog, we talked about why sending thank you notes is important, as well as when to send thank you notes. Today, the experts at Worcester Envelope Company are going over the rules of etiquette regarding thank you notes:

#1. Don’t procrastinate.

If there’s something worse than not sending a thank you card at all, it’s sending a thank you card too late. There’s almost nothing more important than sending out your thank you card promptly. If you send out your thank you card late, it gives the impression that you only sent it out of obligation, not necessarily because you actually meant it. Make sure you send out your thank you card as soon as possible, especially if you are thanking someone for a gift. Some people even say to write out a thank you card before you even throw the wrapping paper away!

#2. Keep it simple.

While a thank you note should be heartfelt, it doesn’t have to be overly long or drawn out. Short and simple thank you cards are best because they get the point across without being too long-winded. On average, most thank you notes should be no longer than four to five lines.

#3. Mention the gift by name.

When you are saying thank you for a gift, don’t just say “thanks for the jewelry.” Instead, say something like, “thank you for the turquoise earrings that you got in Arizona.” This shows that the item you received actually made an impact on you and that you liked it enough to mention it by name, which is always the goal of gift giving. This is true of thank you notes for things other than gifts as well. For instance, if you are thanking a potential employer for a job interview, it sounds much better to say, “thank you for taking the time to interview me today,” than, “thank you for your time.”

#4. Address your thank you notes carefully.

In most cases, thank you notes should begin more informally than most letters because they are generally more personal. For example, if your aunt bought you a wedding present, address her in a more personal manner, like, “Dear Aunt Sally” or “My Dearest Aunt Sally.” However, if you are writing thank you note to a future employer or professional colleague, make it more professional by just addressing them by their name and title.

#5. Tell them how you plan to use the gift.

Most people don’t give gifts just to give gifts; they give gifts because they want you to be able to use them! One of the best ways to demonstrate just how thankful you are for a particular gift is to tell the giver how you plan on using it or how you’ve already used it. For example, if you were given a gift card for a graduation gift, instead of just saying, “thanks for the gift card,” say something like, “Thank you for the Target gift card! I was able to find a lamp, sheets and a duvet cover for my new dorm room!”

#6. Write it by hand.

If you had a chance to read our last blog, then you know that we’ve talked about the importance of writing thank you notes by hand before, but it can’t be emphasized enough. If you want your thank you note to make an impression, then you need to write it by hand. Thank you notes are short and sweet, and if you type them out, it’ll seem lazy. Plus, typing is much less personal than writing long-hand.

#7. Mention your next interaction.

At some point in your thank you note, you should mention the next interaction you will have with the gift giver. Saying something like, “I look forward to seeing you at the next 90s dance party,” will show the gift giver that you value your relationship even more than the gift that they gave you. This is even important when filling out professional thank you notes. For instance, if you are sending a thank you note after an interview, saying, “I look forward to hearing from you,” shows that you are confident, which is important in every industry.

Following the above rules of etiquette will help to ensure that your thank you notes are prompt and meaningful. All proper thank you notes need high-quality envelopes, and here at Worcester Envelope Company, we offer great deals on bulk envelopes. With our envelopes on your side, you can send as many thank you notes as your heart desires!