How many times have you gotten a letter in the mail from a company and thrown it away? The chances are more often than not. As a business owner, this is likely your your biggest fear when it comes to investing in a direct mail campaign, but the good news is that you have the opportunity to create the circumstances of your direct mail envelopes, and Worcester Envelope Company can make it a reality.

One of the hands down, easiest ways to catch your customer’s attention is by using a headline to tell them exactly who is sending them the letter and why they should open it. Too often, companies use their logo without ever adding bold headlines that state their business name. The common misconception with this is that it’ll look spammy, but that isn’t the case. If a client has already chosen to utilize your services, then the chances of them returning, so long as their experience was a good one, is highly likely. By using a headline of your business name, you’re reminding your customer of their experience with you and reaching out to them in hopes that they’ll return.

Other headlines that are great for drawing attention include a brief description of what’s in the envelope. For instance, if you’re sending out a bunch of coupons in your direct mail, an envelope with a headline that says “Big Savings Inside” is much more likely to be opened than a plain envelope without any information or hint as to what’s inside. Take into consideration what it is that you’re sending out, and why it’s so important for the customer to open. Do they need to schedule an appointment soon? Is your business moving? Is there an exciting event that will be happening at your establishment? As we stated before, these customers have already experienced your services, so make the headline something that will make their next trip even more exciting.

In order to make your direct mail a success story, you have to consider what it is that really draws customers to opening an envelope. No idea is too out of this world; Worcester Envelope Company is able to cultivate any idea that you’re hoping to make a reality. Let us fuel the fire behind your direct mail marketing campaign with our technology, knowledge and experience. Find the direct mail envelopes you’ve been dreaming of, here.