Think direct mail marketing is dead? Think again!

Many companies have ditched snail mail over the years in favor of email marketing. Although email marketing can be valuable in many ways, it hasn’t replaced direct mail marketing. In fact, it hasn’t even come close. In the infographic above, we went over some surprising facts that demonstrate the power of direct mail marketing, but if those statistics aren’t enough to prevent you from ditching your direct mail marketing campaign, here are a few more reasons to stick with it:

#1. There’s no spam folder in direct mail marketing.

Our inboxes get inundated with dozens of emails on a daily basis. The fact of the matter is that there are just too many emails in any given inbox to expect a reader to actually get through them all. Additionally, many users will send business emails directly to their spam folders, where they will never be seen or heard from ever again. As we learned in the above statistics, most Americans check their mail every day, and what’s more, they spend up to half an hour of their time reading their mail. Even if your mailer is considered to be “junk mail,” it’s more likely to be seen in snail mail form than in email form. In fact, between 70 and 80 percent of Americans will open most of their mail, even when they consider it to be junk.

#2. Direct mail marketing spurs action.

Not only are consumers much more likely to actually read a physical mailer than they are an email, they are also much more likely to actually act on it. While an email can easily be ignored or put aside for a later date, physical mail demands immediate action, which is why almost 80 percent of people who receive a business mailer will act on it immediately, compared to only about 45 percent of people who receive emails. Whether the action is to visit your brick and mortar location, visit your website or throw the mailer away, any action is better than having your email ignored.

#3. Lead for lead, direct mail marketing is one of the most affordable options.

Many people think that direct mail marketing is more expensive than email marketing and other marketing strategies, but lead for lead, direct mail marketing is one of the most affordable options. Direct mail marketing can certainly be a bigger upfront investment than other marketing strategies. You have to buy supplies and postage that you don’t with other strategies, but it also performs exponentially better in terms of response rate, which means that you’re making a smarter investment when you invest in direct mail. Direct mail marketing has a lower cost per lead than email, telemarketing, print advertising and pay-per-click.

As you can see, direct mail marketing is alive and well, and it’s a smart investment for any company looking to make the most of their marketing dollars. At Worcester Envelope Company, we can help you take your direct mail marketing campaign to the next level with bulk envelopes. We offer a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, and we can even create custom-printed envelopes for you. Shop with us today!