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It’s never too early to start working on your direct mailing marketing campaign. Because after Thanksgiving, it’s a race with your competitors ‘til New Years. Begin planning your campaign months ahead by approaching your campaign from a logical, step-by-step process and setting a measurable objective. What do you hope to achieve with your direct mailing marketing campaign? What percentage of response are you hoping to reach?

Make it Festive

During the holiday season, people are being bombarded by mail. What will draw them in the most is something colorful, festive, and concise; easy-to-read, with a clear answer to the customer’s question of what’s in it for them. Also, make it about the customer and giving back to them; they will appreciate you thinking of them during the holiday season, and everyone likes treating themselves while they shop for their loved ones.

Make it Worth it

During the holiday season, prospective customers are being bombarded by “deals,” “exciting opportunities,” and invitations to events. As stated above, make the response for the customer clear and also worth their time. Having a clear “deal” will cause customers to feel that they will definitely be rewarded for their response or visit to your business; that their effort will be rewarded.     

Pick the Best Bulk Envelope

A key to making your holiday direct marketing campaign a success is to pick the best bulk envelope and custom printed envelopes, and by the best we mean quality, cost effective, and with a company that appreciates your success. We, at Worcester Envelope Company, have been helping businesses run effective holiday direct marketing campaigns. Contact us today for a quote, and let us help you run the best holiday direct marketing campaign to date!

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