Marketing is a process that has evolved over time; as technology progressed, so did our methods. With technology continuing to make strides in the world, businesses often justify spending more money on their technological and social media based marketing, at least that was the trend till recently.

For hundreds of years marketing has been a trivial part of the world, and it has continued to change. From the advertisements that were printed in newspapers, magazines and flyers, to the fast paced culture of technology based marketing, the changes and strides that have been made are mind blowing.


Because technology hadn’t exactly happened, print was the primary way to market to people. It left quite a bit of opportunity for design, photography, script and delivery. As a business, print marketing was an incredibly competitive area, where the imagery used and the location of the advertisement was valuable in itself.


Once technology took off, marketing online seemed faster and better. People were always checking their email, scrolling through Facebook and watching television, so it only made sense that this became a more obvious form of marketing. Once businesses dove into this form of marketing, they were able to interact with customers and create a presence that felt real in the sense of how society lives life on a day to day basis.


Today, print is taking the lead as the popular method of marketing again because of it’s ability to get to the point. Whether it be zeroing in on the personal touch that is difficult to achieve through social media or it is the physicality of actually receiving something, paper provides a much more authentic feel and has been receiving a much greater response rate with customers.

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