Don’t get us wrong, our envelope services are the bulk of our company, but that’s not all we offer! Worcester Envelope Company is also a digitally integrated company. We offer an astounding array of customizable applications that fit your specific data requirements. From EDI integration to custom catalogs, we can create a user-friendly and unique experience personalized to your business’s needs. We have designed many solutions and offer the following:

  • EDI integration12
  • Summary invoicing
  • Online catalog building
  • Inventory release
  • Inventory tracking
  • Online proofing
  • Warehouse integration
  • Computer controlled FIFO operated pick system warehouse
  • Ship and bill on demand programs

Additionally, we also manage our 4,500 pallet warehouse and operate a fleet of delivery trucks. With these advantages, we make deliveries smooth and efficient with trucks of varying sizes and the ability to go wherever you need us. No matter your location or building access, these perks let us offer dependable delivery and storage options in addition to using third-party carriers. We strive to meet all your needs and will continue to grow so we may offer these future enhancements:

  • Freight tracking
  • Manufacturing order status and tracking
  • Electronic shipment notification

We recognize your needs and strive to be more than just an envelope manufacturer. Our logistics facility and operations team allow us to be with your business from beginning your concept designing to delivery at your business’s front step. Call Worcester Envelope Company today to experience our dedication to your business.