Business hours change, new locations are built, sales and special offers are always popping up, and that’s just the case when it comes to owning a business. While these aspects of a business are what make it appealing in the long run, it can be extremely difficult for customers to keep up with this ever changing information when they are only visiting your store or business every once in awhile. So how do you combat this hurdle when it’s these very factors that contribute to the amount of customers that you get and sales that you make?

At Worcester Envelope Company, we dedicate our time to creating customized business envelopes to create a successful direct mail marketing campaign, but that doesn’t always have to be what these unique envelopes are used for. At times, business owners forget that direct mail doesn’t have to be offers or deals that are sent to the client in hopes of closing a deal, but that marketing can also be simply building that relationship with your customers. One of the many envelope options that we offer for bulk purchase are the letter sized envelopes that you can design and personalize to your field, business and the mail inside.

So what types of information can you send to your customers that will help create a better relationship with them? Obviously we don’t suggest sending out information that is theirs personally; that means no dental records or past purchases. Not only does this come off as weak security, but it also gives off a vibe that you’re a little bit too invested in their relationship to your business.

Some efficient ways that you can achieve this are by personally addressing the letter so that it does still have the particular touch. Then include any changes that have been made; have your business hours changed, are there new members to the team, are there any deals that would be suitable for this customer in particular, etc. This form of direct mail can be extremely beneficial if the changes that are being made are drastic enough to change their experience while there or in the future. So for bigger announcements, this is a great route to take.

If you’re concerned that a letter at face value might be too lengthy or time consuming, Worcester Envelope also makes custom post cards. For certain businesses, like dentists, doctors or mechanics, personalized postcards serve as a great way to remind your customers that they need to come in and visit. These sweet and to the point messages help ensure that your clients return, and the messages are so quick that it’s hard not to read them.

Whether you choose to invest in bulk amounts of envelopes or the custom postcards that we offer, you can guarantee that these forms of marketing help build a stronger relationship between you and your clients. Being able to provide them with the information that drives them back to your business is really all that marketing entails, and Worcester Envelope Company are the individuals that can help make this a reality.