As a society, we often give more credit than deserved to the effects of the internet. While the world has seen and made amazing strides because of it, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions that this new medium is better than the ones that we’ve been using for years. Businesses are quickly turning to an online presence on Facebook, Google and through email. That’s not to say that these methods are not worth trying or that they can’t be successful, but it also doesn’t mean that they’re the best option. At Worcester Envelope Company, we have years of experience working with creating the ideal envelopes for your direct marketing campaign, so we see what it takes to have a successful campaign and why it works best.

The biggest mistake that is made with the belief that email marketing will be more beneficial than direct mail marketing is that people believe it is just as direct as direct mail marketing is, when in reality, it’s most certainly easier to ignore. According to the Radicati Group, roughly 205 billion emails are received per day, with an average of 97.4 billion being spam. Because of this well known concept of spam email, people find it easy to check the email box, and press erase, making it nearly impossible to get an impression, let alone a conversion, from these emails.

So how does direct mail marketing differ? The truth is that you have a better chance of catching your clients attention when you send them mail directly to their home. From the catchy offers you can print on the envelope, to the the style and design of the envelope itself, you are able to attract the attention of the customer in more than just the title of an email. With email marketing, you are always working towards creating a title for your email that will catch your clients eyes, in only a mere 70 characters. At times, this can be extremely easy, and let’s face it, it requires a lot less work. But, the downfall is that when you have an email that truly does offer a grand amount of information, chances are you’re not going to be able to sum that up in less than 100 characters.

Another thing to take into consideration is what type of business it is that you’re running. If you have a business that strictly sells products online, then keeping your marketing campaign online would obviously make more sense. As a local business, let’s say that you own an auto body shop or are a realtor, direct mail makes much more sense. This lets you narrow in on your target market specifically and gets the message you’re sending, right under their noses.

If you are a business that believes that social media and technology marketing tactics are the only way that you’re going to succeed, then you need to revisit the idea of direct mail marketing. Worcester Envelope Company makes direct mail marketing an even more cut throat tactic by providing one of a kind, quality envelopes for you to use. Browse our selection today and see how you can start incorporating these personalized envelopes into your campaign.