Which is more powerful, direct mail marketing or email marketing?

Marketing is a must for a business of any size, whether it be large or small, but there are a plethora of options when it comes to marketing. With so many different types of campaigns and strategies to choose from, where do you put your marketing dollars? Direct mail marketing and email marketing have made it easy to directly reach out to your customers, but the age old question remains — which one is more powerful? Today, the experts at Worcester Envelope Company have set out to help you find the answer.

Direct Mail Vs. Email


Email marketing is incredibly cheap, which makes it a great option for a variety of different businesses. However, even though direct mail marketing certainly requires a much bigger upfront investment, a successful direct mail campaign can get you more bang for your buck than a successful email marketing campaign.


When it comes to response, direct mail wins hands down. Because we get so many emails from so many different people and companies, most people delete half of their inbox before they even open it. Getting print mail, on the other hand, still holds a level of excitement for us that getting an email just can’t match. Additionally, people tend to hold onto their direct mail for longer, and when they rediscover it, they get a second chance to act on the offer.

Consumer Preference

Did you know that there’s a good chance that your customers actually prefer to get print mail rather than email? That’s right, 67 percent of consumers would rather make a purchase decision from a direct mail offer than an email offer. Some email marketers will claim that, if direct mail marketing isn’t dead yet, it will be when the younger generations start to get older, but the thing is, youngsters love print mail even more. In fact, 90 percent of young consumers say they prefer print mail to email.


Part of the reason why consumers prefer direct mail — and respond better to it — may be due to the fact that consumers find print mail more trustworthy than email. This may be because direct mail gives you more space to explain who you are and what you have to offer, and what’s more is that consumers are much more likely to actually read it than they are to read a large amount of content in an email.

Combine your efforts for a more effective, all-around strategy.

Though it’s clear that direct mail would certainly win in a fight, the truth is that the most effective marketing strategy involves utilizing both direct mail and email cohesively. When you combine your efforts, you’ll see a better return on your investment and more of your customers taking advantage of your offers.

In our next blog, we’ll be going over a few tips to help you combine your email and direct mail marketing campaigns, so please stay tuned. Until then, shop with us to find the perfect bulk envelopes for your direct mail campaign!