envelopeDirect mail isn’t the most affordable purchase to make, and as a business, cost is definitely something that needs to be taken into consideration before actions are made. When it comes to marketing, it’s common knowledge that the prices will be high, but the rewards will be plentiful. So long as you’ve created a marketing campaign that is aggressive, that is. As you create your campaign, you’ll quickly realize that the most difficult part of the creation process is determining how you will get your customers to follow through with the end action.

While creating a call to action is a must in any marketing campaign, you need to ensure that you have determined what it is that you want your customers to complete at the end of them opening your direct mail. While your demographic may be similar, you still need to consider the different ways that people will respond to your direct mail, and ensure that there is some way for them to do so. Here are a couple of ways you can provide multiple means of response within your direct mail.


If you’re looking for them to subscribe, donate or provide a physical response, minimize the work that they need to do by providing an envelope within your direct mail. When you work with Worcester Envelope to design your direct mail campaign, you can add an order of bulk envelopes to add into your direct mail.


While direct mail is most certainly not dead, and does provide results, convenience does still play a part. While you can definitely send an envelope within your direct mail to make sure that the people that aren’t necessarily tech savvy still have a method to respond, it is beneficial to provide an online method of response to your customers as well. When it comes to making a purchase or using a coupon, being able to act online reduces time for the customer, but still allows for them to act the way you’d hope with your direct mail.

Helping you get a response is what we aim to do, and that’s why we make such an effort to create envelopes that are intriguing and effective. Make sure to include envelopes in your direct mail and add additional envelopes to your order to be prepared. Find the highest quality of bulk envelopes you could imagine, at Worcester Envelope Company.