The type of envelopes that you purchase for your direct mail marketing will depend on what type of mail you’re incorporating and sending to your customers. At Worcester Envelope Company, we offer a variety of envelopes for you to choose from and customize with your logo, offer, image or other printed text. Once you’ve decided what it is that you are wanting to mail out to your customers, it’s time to decide what envelope is the best fit. Here are a few of the envelope styles that we offer and see most commonly used.


Standard Commercial Letter

This is going to be your typical letter size envelope. Perfect for letters that you’re sending or statements that need to be mailed out, these envelopes offer a great way to professionally reach out to your customers. Whether you choose to address them by hand, or print out an address sheet, we have envelopes that suit both needs. If you are looking for this size of envelope, but plan on printing out the address, make sure that you select an envelope with a window on the front face so that the address is visible.

Small Envelopes

For the times that you’re looking for donations, checks or are mailing something similarly to a customer, the smaller envelopes that we offer are a great choice. You can choose from envelopes with clasps or with flaps that will both ensure your mail gets to your customer safely. These envelopes also offer tons of opportunity for custom print on them. Businesses often use most of the front side of the envelope as an opportunity for custom design. With these envelopes, we see businesses print the addresses directly on the envelope, so that is something that also needs to be incorporated into the design and should be taken into consideration.

Large Business Envelopes

Large envelopes are incorporated into direct mail marketing campaigns for a wide variety of reasons. These types of envelopes are great for times that you’re going to be sending tons of information to a client as well as other items like catalogs and pamphlets. When you choose to utilize an envelope of this size, you can take into consideration what type of seal you’d like; most envelopes of this size will have a metal clasp for you to seal the components inside with.


When you are trying to eliminate the envelope all together, you can go straight for custom printing your information on an envelope. This may seem like a cheaper option when it comes to printing, but you also need to take into consideration the amount of printing required to make your campaign a success. These are great options for messages that are sweet and to the point.

Find the perfect envelope for your custom marketing plan when you work with Worcester Envelope Company. From the sizes to the quality print you can rest assured that our end result will provide you with an envelope that is sure to catch the eye of your customer. Browse our selection of products and find the perfect one for your business.