When sending out your holiday newsletters this year, be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Sending a holiday newsletter is an important tradition for many companies, and in our last blog, we went over several ideas to make your holiday newsletter stand out. Before completing your holiday newsletter this year, it’s important to acknowledge that many companies do newsletters incorrectly. The bottom line is that, if no one reads your newsletter, it’s just a waste of time, money and trees, so you need to be able to avoid those common mistakes with your company’s newsletter. But since you can’t avoid them if you don’t know what they are, our experts have come up with this list of the most common mistakes companies make in their holiday¬†newsletters:

Mistake #1. Newsletters that are too spammy.

In this day and age, we are inundated with advertisements almost everywhere. Whether you are reading the paper, checking your email or riding the train, there are advertisements everywhere. People get sick of being surrounded by ads all the time, and if your newsletter is overly spammy, it’s likely to just get thrown away. This is not to say that you can’t mention sales or products; just make sure that the bulk of your newsletter consists of information that your clients really care about and want to read.

Mistake #2. Leaving the important information at the bottom.

Most people won’t read your entire newsletter no matter how engaging or well-put-together it is. If you wait until the very end of your letter to include the important information that you need to pass onto your customers, chances are, they aren’t going to read it. While the goal is always to create a newsletter that your customers will want to read completely, you should always mention all important information first so that you can rest assured that it’s actually being read.

Mistake #3. You don’t engage your customers.

Composing a company newsletter isn’t like composing a family holiday letter. Your customers aren’t all that engaged in your personal life or with what’s going on at your company, so try to avoid including too much information about what your company has been up to over the past year. It could be beneficial to include charity work your company has taken part in or anything of that nature, but don’t include any of the challenges you’ve faced or goals you’ve accomplished, unless it directly affects your customers.

Mistake #4. Your newsletter has an inadequate design or none at all.

How your newsletter looks will make a huge difference in the chance of your customers actually reading it. If you present your customers with a full page of just text, they probably won’t read it. Today, people are used to getting their information quickly and simply, and a full page of text is just too intimidating. Make sure that your text is broken up into sections and bullet points whenever possible. You should also ensure that you include images and visual designs in your newsletter that will break up the text and make it stand out.

Mistake #5. Not editing your newsletter for grammar, typos or spelling.

Newsletters are great on so many levels. They help you get out the important news about your company; they allow you to establish a more personal connection with your customers; and they help to make your company more credible in the eyes of your customers. However, if your newsletter is riddled with errors, like typos, grammar mistakes and spelling issues, that credibility will go right out the window. Always have someone edit your newsletter before you decide to send it out to your customers. If you send out newsletters on a regular basis, it might be beneficial to hire someone who has professional editing skills to ensure that you are always putting your best foot forward in every newsletter.

Writing newsletters is a great way to send a greeting to your customers over the holidays, but if you make mistakes in your letter, you run the risk of no one reading it or looking unprofessional. Don’t waste trees, your time or your money on ineffective holiday newsletters! Take the time to make your newsletters stand out, and don’t forget to order the bulk envelopes you need to send them out! Shop our bulk envelopes online today.