dreamstime_xxl_7758628Though many of us dislike rushing into the Christmas and holiday season, sometimes preparing for the season months ahead of time is the most practical way to approach the holidays. One way to prepare for the holidays is to buy bulk envelopes and holiday cards.

Tips for Preparing Your Holiday Cards

Buy the Season Before

Buy your cards at the end of last year’s holiday season. Cards after the holidays will be discounted considerably; deal with the expense now, before you have to buy those gifts. If sending a personal family picture is what you like to do, take your pictures during the summer and get those cards printed.

Start Months Ahead

The holiday season can be an incredibly busy time of year, between gift buying, parties, and baking and cooking. Why not start your holiday cards before the busy season? Have a Christmas in July Christmas card writing party with friends and family. Christmas and the holidays are supposed to be enjoyed, why be stressed out?

Create a List

Afraid you’re going to forget to send someone a Christmas Card? Make a list of everyone you would like to send a card to before you start writing your cards. Even divide them into groups, such as, Family, Extended Family, Close Friends, Coworkers, etc.

Buy Custom Designed Bulk Envelopes

Does your hand get tired from addressing each and every envelope? Tired of putting a return address on every envelope and might decide to not send Christmas cards out this year? Instead, order bulk envelopes from Worcester Envelope Company! We sell a variety of styles and sizes and have competitive prices. We take custom design orders all the time and can help you de-stress and more fully enjoy the holiday season.

The holidays are a special time of year, and the magic of the season shouldn’t be overshadowed by stress and “obligations.” We can help you de-stress with our high quality bulk envelopes. Even have them custom printed. Questions? Contact one of our customer service reps and see how we can help you this holiday season.

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