Now that we have discussed why you need a strong direct mailing strategy, let’s discuss how to further optimize the experience. If you do not already know how a professional and unique envelope design can dramatically change your direct mailing experience for you and your customers, please refer to our previous blog.

Simply put, an envelope is a presentation. It’s a tactile, printed form of communication between you and your client. Each design should encapsulate the essence of your message and, ultimately, the tone of your business. That’s a lot of pressure for a relatively small piece of paper. For those businesses that want to go the extra mile and impress your clients, consider handwriting your addresses on your customized envelopes.

Handwriting Addresses & Tips:dreamstime_xxl_55891995

  • Spell out full names and formal titles. Remember to pay close attention to spelling and avoid going into your own default spelling (i.e., You may automatically think “John” instead of writing “Jon”)
  • Middle names should not generally be used unless the client goes by their middle name
    (i.e., “Mr. Dale Roy Shaw” who informally goes by “Roy”)
  • Do not abbreviate where applicable, write out words such as “Street”
  • Do not use symbols such as “#”
  • P.O. Box should be “Post Office Box”
  • Do not use initials unless given to you in that manner
  • Use number figures when writing house numbers
  • Zip codes usually only need the first five digits, the extra 4 digits are for bulk mailing purposes
  • Street names that are numbers should be written out (i.e.,“1625 Seventeenth Avenue.”)
  • State names may be abbreviated
  • Low-quality paper in envelopes will thicken and lower the integrity of the ink. Our quality paper and printing will never do this!

Note: These tips are eligible for general domestic addresses only; however, do not un-abbreviate any military or international based addresses. Remember to always write the address as it is given to you.

Let Us Help You!

While we understand the reality that businesses often do not have the energy to handwrite every piece of direct mail you send out to your clients, the extra effort is worth the message. We encourage you to consider setting aside time perhaps once or twice a year, maybe around the holiday season or after a business anniversary, to pour yourself into this personal effort. Remember, clients want to feel that their support is not going unnoticed. Those handwritten words can carry that extra essence of diligence that will leave your clients feeling spoiled. To create this experience, call and order your envelopes today!