At Worcester Envelope Company, we want you to know everything about our passion for envelopes and their direct effect on your mail marketing strategy. Let us explain how envelopes have served as a branding technique throughout the ages and how that history translates into a modern day necessity.

As the only form of long distance communication for centuries, mail was mostly used by people of influence or those who were able to spend their money on such a luxury item. Before gum arabic was created to accommodate the surge of mass mailing and the need for efficiency, message sending was a delicate process. Letter writers would seal their envelopes by melting wax onto the flap of the envelope and stamp a seal into the hot wax. When dry, the wax not only ensured that the contents of the envelope were sealed inside, but also as a convenient way to signify importance. The symbol imprinted into the wax acted as a sort of verification of who sent the letter and a way to deter unintended recipients.

dreamstime_xxl_49338757The origins of seal stamping dates back even before the invention of paper where cylindrical seals were used in Mesopotamia to sign the clay tablets as a form of authentication. Fast forward to the Middle Ages, people in positions of power were instilled with an official seal. They would sign contracts, agreements, and letters with their seal as a physical declaration of power. The need to grow and expand was at its peak during this time. New colonies and civilizations were established and written communication was done solely through letter writing. If a seal was broken by the time the letter arrived to its destination, the recipient would know it had been tampered. Wax seals kept communication confidential while also carrying an individual’s essence of power with their written words. Letters and their accompanying seals built civilizations, evoked change, created and ended wars, and was an integral part of our history. Today, however, wax seals are used as a luxurious flair in decorative accents and not held with the same power and importance of the past. Instead, envelopes are sealed with a decorative wax to give a unique and classic appearance. While the traditional wax used in the past was a rich red or black, they now come in a wide array of colors and textures.

Although the importance of wax seals has changed over time, the need for mail branding has not. Custom envelope personalizations come in various forms today and are used in competitive mail marketing. Today, envelopes carry power in striking designs that demand consumer attention. These branding techniques can be customized through:

  • Uncoated Papers
  • Coated Papers
  • Specialty Papers
  • Specialized 8-color printing
  • Custom windows and designs
  • String, Self Seal, Ez-seal, Strip to Seal, and traditional opening/closing options
  • Custom packaging

Branding will continue to be a necessity in communication and your envelopes are no exception. We understand how vital our envelope products are for your business strategy, so we offer the most innovative solutions in manufacturing and design concepts. Worcester Envelope company is proud to help you build your envelope marketing empire.