Worcester Envelope Company is dedicated to providing our clients with the knowledge, innovation, and dedication needed to help businesses succeed. Armed with today’s technology, we can offer the best in low-cost printing capabilities, envelope designs, features, and delivery options. Before you commit to our services though, we want you to know the history behind our passion.

Envelope mailing hasn’t always been as user-friendly as our system today.  As the only form of long-distance communication for centuries, it was mostly used by people of influence or those who were able to spend their money on such a luxury item. Mail was a costly expenditure in which each sheet of paper was counted and charged until postal services were reformed in the 1840s. Finally, both businesses and individuals alike could utilize the postal service where fees were calculated by the weight and distance instead. By 1851, a one-ounce letter could be sent across the nation for just three cents!

Ultimately, lower costs allowed for use across the nation, but it wasn’t until the 1890s that commercial envelopes appeared as we know them today. At first, envelopes came as a flat diadreamstime_xxl_49338757mond-shaped sheet. These papers were pre-cut and pre-creased so that individuals could fold them around the letter. This was not the most efficient way to utilize mail services, so a standardized, pre-folded, ready-to-seal option was introduced. This new diamond-shaped paper made a simple and minimal way of creating a rectangular-faced envelope and sparked another surge of mail usage. The new design’s symmetrical arrangement could be sealed with a wax seal at the summit of the top flap, leading to the traditional practice still admired today.

The quality, personalization, and customizable options we offer at Worcester Envelope Company has advanced far from the day of hand cutting and creasing you own envelopes. This trend of evolution has continued into developing the best methods for sealing your envelopes more efficiently than ever before.

The glue used to seal envelopes today is made by two methods; a naturally-made gum derived the sap of acacia trees and a synthetic form often derived from dextrans in the fermentation of sugar. Alternatively, the glue that holds the envelope together must be stronger and more permanent. This glue is often derived from starches, which are obtained from corn, wheat, potatoes, rice, and other plants. At Worcester Envelope, we offer more than the traditional gum seal including:

  • String- a dental floss type string. It can be applied on the inside of the envelope to allow for an easy-to-open message. More information can be found in our portfolio.
  • Ez-seal- a liquid solution applied to the folds of the envelope to seal.
  • Self Seal/Strip to Seal- no moisture needed. Peel and strip the flaps closed.
  • Gum Seal-  traditional way to close your envelopes.

As mail communications continue to evolve, so do we. At Worcester Envelope, we ensure that you make the best impression possible on your clients and partners. We do so by offering innovative solutions in the way your envelopes are manufactured and designed. The best way to know how to move forward is with the understanding of the past. From the right type of paper, glues, designs, printing, and manufacturing, Worcester Envelope company is here to help.