You already know that you need marketing to promote business. Now, you need to know which marketing tactics to pursue with your business. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mailing gets some of the highest response rates compared to other marketing alternatives.  

In 2015, the DMA reported on direct mail marketing:

  • The average response rate is 3.7%
  • Best performing style by category is an oversized envelope at 5%
  • The next best performing style by category is a postcard at 4.25%
  • The most expensive category to mail are dimensional pieces at $30 a response
  • The next most expensive are catalogs at $23 per responsedreamstime_xxl_45352837
  • The most common way to track direct mail response is online at 22%
  • The next most common way is through a call center at 19%
  • The average cost per response is $19 when compared to other channels is very competitive

While all components of a strategic marketing campaign will help your business, knowing how to compare the results of your direct mail against your other advertising is less simple. So, we have provided a hypothetical example for you:

  1. Advertising campaign

    1. Cost:  $20,000
    2. Responses:  400
    3. Cost per Response:  $50
  2. Direct mail campaign

    1. Cost:  $10,000
    2. Responses:  300
    3. Cost per Response:  $33

Pay close attention to the cost per response, which is the common denominator between direct mail and advertising. We recommend focusing on the three big factors that make up your campaign:

  • list
  • design
  • offer

Although offers are a large part of direct mailing, keep in mind that offers free offers drive better results than most discount offers. This does not mean that you have to give your product or service away, but you can give out incentives, samples, or even raffle prizes. It can be difficult to assess whether your mail is making the difference in your business marketing. Remember to keep track of results, compare results, and focus on the key elements that initiate those response rates. The professional staff at Worcester Envelope Company is always here to answer your questions, concerns, and offer advice in regards to your direct mail marketing campaigns.